A Big Ten University was erecting a new Art building and wanted it to be special. The architect wanted to convey the artistic mastery of the University’s students through the building’s unique character. The architect designed a concept fixed wood bench with integral back on a slope for a prominent Big Ten University Art Building. The bench was to wrap around a concrete column while also integrating custom glass. This posed a unique set of millwork challenges for the contractors and builders to execute so they called upon Performance.

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Performance used their millwork expertise to specifically engineer a custom bench by using a complex combination of laser templaters, custom jigs and manually dimensioning. All of this was implemented thorough a series of engineering drawings and applying high quality custom fabrication to the project. Performance also partnered with the builders to specifically perform installation of all custom benches. Their expertise supplemented the customers’ crew to ensure the job was done right.

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Performance’s expertise, knowledge and experience put the customer’s concerns at ease. They knew Performance would handle all of the details and deliver at a high level of oversight to the project resulting in a beautiful aesthetic to the University building.

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