PERFORMANCE has been developing, engineering and manufacturing custom display solutions for a variety of consumer retailers and environments since 1994. From concept to final installation, the experts at Performance can assist at every phase in a project. PERFORMANCE’s retail planners, designers, project managers, engineers, production team and installers become partners on your team.


PERFORMANCE can help spark ideas, flush out concepts, produce drawings, prototype and cost effectively manufacture the final product. We’ve been helping national brands, boutiques and specialty retailers create specific solutions to engage consumers, increase profits and drive results.

  • Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays

    • Countertops

    • End Caps

    • In-Lines

    • Power or Side Wings

    • Floor Standing

    • Shelf Displays

    • Window Display

    • Isle Violators

    • Spinner

    • Gravity Fed

    • Pusher Systems

    • Bulk Solutions​

  • “Store Within A Store” Environments

  • Casework- Perimeter & Freestanding

  • Cash Wraps & Custom Counters

  • Convenience Store Counters and QSR Displays

  • Signage, Directional, Lit, Unlit, Digital, Hanging, Wayfinding, Floor & Fabric Interactive Display Graphics, Silicon Edge Graphics (SEG)

  • Shelving, Hardware & Accessories

  • Column/Soffit Enclosures

  • Décor Retail Solutions

  • Fixtures

  • Extrusion Systems and Solutions

  • Platforms, Risers, Cubes, Pedestals

  • Slat wall, Fixtures and other retail wall systems

  • Gondolas, Kiosks and Carts

  • Interactive Displays

  • Digital Store Fronts

  • Hardware- Custom and Standardized

  • Pre-merchandising Fixtures and Displays

  • Pick & Pack


PERFORMANCE’s expert Retail Planners, designers and engineers have worked on all kinds of retail projects using and combining many materials and processes to create custom solutions to fit any budget, including:

  • Sheet metal

  • Tube Steel

  • Aluminum Extrusions

  • Wire Form

  • Powder Coating

  • Panel Processing

  • Laminates

  • Melamines

  • Veneers

  • Custom Finishes

  • Hardwoods

  • Sheet plastic – acrylic, vinyl, and polycarbonate

  • Injection molds

  • Plastic extrusions

  • Solid surface

  • Quartz and natural stone

  • Glass

  • Digital print

  • Vacuum Forms

  • Blow Mold

  • Drape Mold

  • And many others!


PERFORMANCE manages your project from concept to delivery and installation. We eliminate the headache of keeping track of multiple vendors. PERFORMANCE offers a host of services to ensure success at the beginning of a project and at every step along the way.

PERFORMANCE offers the following retail services including:

  • Conceptual Design

  • Visual Renderings

  • Material Selection & Optimization

  • Planogram Design

  • Category Planning

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Engineering

  • Scalable Production

  • Sourcing

  • Logistics, Distribution & Warehousing

  • Project Management

  • Installation, Set-up and Compliance

  • After-Sale Service and Support

  • Fulfillment Capabilities

    • Pick & Pack

    • Pre-Pack

    • Merchandising

    • Inventory Management


We’ve been partnering with national brands, boutiques and specialty retailers create custom retail display solutions to engage consumers, drive profits and deliver results. We will partner with you to design retail displays that fit your needs, build out concepts and then cost effectively manufacture the final displays and fixtures.


PERFORMANCE has experts in materials and qualified design manufacturers who will work with you to design and create a special one-of-a-kind product in any material and/or combination you want.

With PERFORMANCE as your partner, you avoid the headaches of keeping track of multiple vendors. PERFORMANCE will assist at the beginning of your project and partner with you at each step along the process, including ideation, design, engineering, rapid prototyping, sourcing, production, manufacturing, logistics, distribution and installation services, fulfillment capabilities and financing options with partners.



Performance has created stunning store environments that showcase products for convenience, grocery, big box, and specialty retailers across the United States.

The retail trends are clear, consumer shopping experiences are constantly evolving. Retailers and brands must do more than simply display product in their stores; they need to provide an engaging customer experience to drive foot traffic and sales. Retailers need to enhance the shoppability and traffic flows to create a cohesive experience. Traffic patterns must be optimized for both impulse and destination products in the store. Cross merchandising is key to increasing basket size while making secondary product placements intuitive for consumers to purchase.

That’s why store environments are so crucial to the retail experience. Brands and retailers can increase brand presence within a specific designated footprint. This can be at the category level, the literal store front or a “store within a store” concept. “Pop-up stores” for seasonal or temporary events are increasingly being used by retailers.


Performance listens and uses our understanding of your goals to custom design store environment concepts, build out prototypes, and then cost effectively produce the entire store concept, including fixtures, signage and casework. Performance evaluates “sight lines” to ensure consumers and associates can navigate their store experience with an unobstructed view and line of sight. Performance understands the tactile feel, the textures, visual cues and other subtle signals that can trigger an emotional response to the retail experience. Performance has been partnering with boutiques, national and specialty retailers create custom store environment solutions to wow consumers and grow your brand image.



A strong Retail Point of Purchase (POP) can make all the difference in a product’s success. The experts at PERFORMANCE know this as they have been supplying attention-grabbing POP solutions for brands and retailers for over 25 years. We know how to design, and cost effectively manufacture POP display solutions to meet every budget. PERFORMANCE has created end-cap, side-cap, free-standing and integrated POP solutions for Fortune 1000 brands found in leading retailers. Partner with us to create a POP display that works hard for your brand or within your retail store.

  • End Caps

  • In-Line Displays

  • Countertop Displays

  • Side or Power Wings

  • Free-standing Floor POP

  • Shelf Displays

  • Custom POP

  • Knockdown vs. Fully Assembled POP

  • Permanent and Semi-Permanent

  • Functional, modular POP

  • Scalable POP



  • Product Load and Density

  • Inventory awareness

  • Small packet transit

  • Incremental sales lift

  • Product placement

  • Compliance

  • Brand Standards

  • Other Applications



PERFORMANCE supplies custom targeted solutions to fit every retailer or brand need. As consumer’s shopping habits have changed, Performance has evolved its thinking as well. The experts at PERFORMANCE can help whether it is a need to sell in, increase impressions, boost a brand, increase category or product sales, or penetrate a new retailer. Performance will partner with you to design a custom solution that meets your unique needs, prototype the concept and then cost effectively manufacture your custom solution. PERFORMANCE has been partnering national brands, boutiques and specialty retailers create custom retail solutions to engage consumers, drive profits and deliver results.



PERFORMANCE leads the way in custom merchandising solutions. Whether your needs dictate a merchandising planogram reset, merchandising fixtures, or a custom merchandising solution, chance are the experts at PERFORMANCE have done it. PERFORMANCE’S unique ability to carefully control compliance at the plant floor level, coupled with rock solid field deployment, gives clients the confidence that the job will be done correctly – and on time.



  • Dedicated space for merchandising within our 80,000 square foot campus

  • Close professional coordination with Fixture OEM Manufacturers

  • Receiving / storage / inventory management and fulfillment


  • Tobacco Fixtures

  • Category Resets

  • Communication Pre-Paid and Gift Card Resets

  • Accurate placement of headers, shelving, inserts among multiple POGs

  • Quality process checkpoints


  • Multiple professional crews

  • Close and process scheduling from a corporate level to the store level

  • Dedicated team for mapping and store notifications

  • POG and Fixture sets prior to arrival- less time interfering with in-store operations

  • Fleet of delivery vehicles

  • Fixture and Millwork modification in the field


  • Dedicated client group and project managers

  • Follow up with senior management and outside vendors

  • Documentation of execution

  • Tracking metrics

    • Photographic validation/documentation/review

    • Remote communication

    • Real-time adaptation to changes in the field

PERFORMANCE has formed strategic partnerships with some of the country’s leading fixture specialists to better serve our mutual clients from a 2,400 convenience store retail chain to a 250 store regional grocery chain.

PERFORMANCE has partnered with national brands and franchises, as well as boutiques and specialty retailers, to create custom retail solutions that engage consumers, drive profits, and deliver results.



PERFORMANCE is your one-stop shop for all your graphic solutions and visual presentation needs. PERFORMANCE has been providing high quality, durable cost-effective graphic and visual solutions for retailers and brands across the United States for over 25 years. The retail environment demands expertly dialed-in color matches for brands, which we do with ease. Delivering consistent registration and accurate spot colors means graphics pop the way you want. Plus, PERFORMANCE ensures they will fit your fixtures and holders because our precision finishing tolerances . High-resolution, finely printed graphics are no problem. PERFORMANCE can create the graphic solutions you need for nearly any purpose, from wayfinding to sectional signage, everyday messaging to special promotions.


PERFORMANCE offers screen-printed and digital graphics on an endless variety of materials, quick turnaround on direct to substrate printing up to 1.5” thick. We’re also equipped to accommodate specialty or custom substrates.

Substrate and Process PERFORMANCE provides its customers:

  • Styrene

  • Sintra (PVC)

  • PS Vinyl

  • Static Cling Vinyl

  • Melamine & High-Pressure Laminates

  • Glass

  • Rigid Vinyl

  • Foam Core

  • Polypropylene

  • Banner Vinyl

  • Translucent Backlit Films

  • Coated and Uncoated Papers

  • Acrylic

  • Wood

  • Stainless Steel

  • Corrugated Plastic

  • Fabric

  • Floor

  • Vinyl Wall Covering

  • 3D

  • Coated Form

  • Floor Graphics

  • Wayfinding

  • Backlit

  • Category Management

  • Zone Signage

  • Direct Print

  • Magnetic Graphics

  • And Much More!


Whether you call them translites, backlit graphics or duratrans, these types of graphic solutions work! PERFORMANCE produces exceptional illuminated graphics on a variety of materials which will grab consumer’s attention. Small quantities? No problem! Precision fit? A snap! Our ultra-rich colors and high-quality finishes compete with the very best of the high-priced photographic processes while staying within your budget. PERFORMANCE has capabilities to deliver even more value and turnaround to clients. With our wide-ranging tools and services, the experts at PERFORMANCE can fulfill almost any request.




PERFORMANCE has the unique blend of expertise on staff to bring consultation services, creative concepts, and ideation to their clients. Need help bringing your vision to life? Want someone to help articulate your idea from concept to reality? While other display and merchandising vendors might partner with an agency or design firm - PERFORMANCE can do it all. We know a great design is only as good as its execution. Performance works to “Design for Manufacturability” with value engineered components, materials and designs. We specify and select materials that fits the needs with stunning design solutions that won’t break the bank. We ensure brand consistency throughout- whether in color reproduction or in a merchandising display.


Our expert team of Retail Designers, Industrial Designers, Graphic Artists and Engineers will partner with you every step of the creative process. Performance can produce mockups, prototypes and modeled environments to bring your vision to life. We can produce prototypes for line reviews and conduct Market Tests to validate concepts. The end results? Innovative creative solutions that can be scaled to production.





  • Installation

  • Custom Packing & Packaging

  • White Glove Delivery

  • Seasonal Products

  • Graphic Refreshes

  • Assembly and Instruction Manuals

  • Kitting & Consolidation

  • Warehouse Storage

  • Customer Services

  • Freight Shipping Coordination

Not only does PERFORMANCE manufacture and produce your product, we also assist in carrying the project the “last mile”. PERFORMANCE will expertly move your finished merchandising or retail product from our production floor to your retail space. Let us take the hassle out of getting your dealer or monthly graphics kit to the field on-time and without mistakes.


From drop-shipping more than 5,500 merchandised fixtures to custom printing and kitting 13,000 pieces for a test market campaign, we take the stress off your team by handling the details flawlessly. Precise instructions, planogram maps, complex distribution plans, phased releases and even quick turn-around projects are no match for our team.


PERFORMANCE can provide the hardware, displays and fixtures to make your program complete with a focus on attention to detail. We will handle, coordinate, and implement all the logistical details including freight, labeling, custom packing and instruction. The results are successful projects that finish on-time and within budget.



PERFORMANCE knows that your merchandising and display needs are on a budget. PERFORMANCE works hard to find the right blend of innovative retail solutions that drive consumer engagement but won’t break the bank. We understand independent retailers and franchise sometimes need flexible finance options to help with cash flow and protect your working capital needs.


PERFORMANCE has partnered with best-in-class regional and specialized financial agencies to make financing your store remodel or display program a snap. An easy online application process and 48-hour turnaround on approvals mean you can get an cost effective financing program quickly and without the hassle.

PERFORMANCE works with Lease Consultants Corporation to offer two attractive finance options:


  • 13 Monthly Payments

  • Payments are calculated by dividing the equipment cost by 12

  • Security deposit equal to one payment is due up front, then pay 12 regular monthly payments

  • At the end of the term, simply surrender the security deposit to own the equipment

  • No doc fee, no app fee


  • First and Last as Upfront Security Deposit

  • Two‐payment security deposit

  • Monthly payments at 12/24/36 plans

  • Deposit may be surrendered to own the equipment at end of term

  • No doc fee, no app fee