A large national convenience store retailer wanted to upgrade their tobacco merchandising displays as it’s one of the leading revenue categories in-store. They wanted to install seven hundred (700) full merchandising POG sets of tobacco fixtures. This was equal to two thousand six hundred (2,600) individual tobacco fixtures that were fully labeled and merchandised. And the customer required limited onsite installation time to minimize store disruption.

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The experts at Performance quickly went to work scoping out this massive opportunity. They partnered with the retailer to come up with innovative solution to merchandise all the tobacco fixtures in-house at Performance’s warehouses. This removed all build time and planogram resets at the store where space was limited behind the cash wrap. Performance analyzed the different merchandising configurations; various planogram sets and compliance requirements. By working closely with the customer, Performance was also able to scale up labor and production at their warehouses while also eliminating costly travel time for their teams.

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The result was Performance was able to rapidly reset one hundred (100) store merchandising sets per week. It normally took up to eleven (11) hours of onsite planogram build, merchandising reset and display installation under the old process. Now, Performance was able to finish a complete onsite installation and reset an average of less than 90 minutes. The result was minimal disruption at the store level as stores were operational during the reset. The payoff were increased tobacco sales and a brand-new fresh tobacco merchandising display installed in record time.

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