Casey’s, a national convenience store retailer, was experiencing growth in their liquor and wine in-store sales and needed to expand this category footprint within their stores. But each store layout was different presenting a unique challenge. They needed new retail displays to hold specific amounts of wine and liquor bottles separate from their standard Lozier shelving. Casey’s needed a partner who could deliver a configurable solution that was fast and economical with minimal disruption to store operations.



The retail experts at Performance went to work designing multiple solutions that would fit into multiple store layouts. Performance designed several widths and heights of the modular liquor and wine cabinets that each Casey’s location could select from based upon their store layout and available floor space. Performance manufactured and assembled the display fixtures with specific colored laminate to match Casey’s other store displays. Performance partnered with Casey’s and other trades to execute the retrofit installations across the Midwest using rapid deployment and logistics techniques to deliver a total solution that was on-time and within budget.

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Casey’s stores were able to capitalize upon double digit growth and expand their market share in this high-demand category with minimal disruption to their stores. “I appreciate it all and Everything you and your gang are doing out there.”

 - Casey’s Category Manager

#3821 - Omaha, NE
#1524 - Ridge Farm, IL